Alpha Company

1st Battalion,  20th Infantry
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Bill Adams             Ed Van Lennep             John McNown
Paul Grice Wyndal Cowan Tom Elmore
Bill Honjiyo Gary Doyen Randy Cline
Jim Froemsdorf (RIP) Carter Michael Jim Schippers
Gene Holland Dan Camacho Don White (RIP)
Frank Schurich Robert Darnell Mike Healy
Ken Melesky Frank Thomas Doug Falck
Dick Kiene Larry Holliday Denny Hewitt (RIP)
Damon Bazzeghin Joel Surratt Hank Goedel
Tommy Acosta
Leroy Waguespack Bob Kraft
Leon Finch
David Walsh (RIP) Larry Beasley
Larry Stucker John W. Petersen Leo Howe
Rick Ploski Pete Duffy Hank Krauter
Jerry Rudolph

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