Hank Krauter


Bagging up too much rice for a small Village

Rice was everywhere

(Doc) Wes Tramell, Dan Abee, Patrick Smith, & (AJ) Al Kockendarfer

Eugene Schmidt, Pat Smith & Steve Sigler

Sgt. Ron Schluter, Duane (Tex) Coulter, Steve Sigler, Pat Smith & (Big)John Bechtell

Charles Conover, Tom Elmore

Eugene Schmidt & Steve Sigler playing the knife game (Tex )Coulter looking on

David Frame

Eugene Gainey, Bill Stevens, & Larry Parker

RTO (Hank) Henry Krauter

Hank Krauter, Too much rice too few Villagers too many VC & NVA

(AJ) Al Kockendarfer, Steve Sigler & Bill Stevens on Liz

Kenneth Slack

Duane (Tex) Coulter, (Big John) Bechtell, Ron McGraw, (AJ) Albert Kockendarfer

(Big John) Bechtell

Captain Dan Thomas

(Hank) Henry Krauter (Lt. Dan Richards RTO)

There were Tanks, Pic by (Big) John Bechtell

Looked so peaceful


1st Lt. Danny Richards showing us how it's done

Jim O'Kelly and George Phillips

Ray Ostrowski

Alpha Company

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