Ed “Crazy” Van Lennep
Taken in lowlands arond L.Z. Liz, left to right , Boe the medic, Ed Van Lennep, Dutch, and
Chickenhawk ( Kerry Goode) , in back Lt. Meyering.
Ed, Capt.Jock, and Dutch , far right E-7 with mortar platoon ( Pineapple )
Picture taken on L.Z. dragon heading for the bush
around L.Z. Cork, Ed and Kenneth Spencer ( RIP )

 (L to R) Lt. Bruce Ditkas ( Angus McDuff), Tom Blanton, Big Sam Detwiller, Bill Allen, Ed Van Lennep, Mike Lindsey, Romario Benivedez, R.A. Willey, and shooting the moon is Red Harran. Picture taken on radar outpost next to Liz.
Alpha Company

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