Larry Holliday
I hope you like looking at these alot more than I did taking them. I know I do. Any questions feel free to ask. My Dad gave me a new Kodak Instamatic that fit nicely in an ammo pouch that I hooked to my ruck. I sent the film home and several sets were made . I also only had to spend 8 months in the field and had relatively good duty (?) because I was with the 81mm Platoon (Ja69-Ja70). Thus my camera, my pictures and my ass ended up in one piece after all these years.
Brock, Kalajian, Holliday
Larry Holliday on LZ Liz
Carl Bott
(L to R) Bob Kraft, Chuck Veatch, and Dude (Mule) Miller
Female VC
Joe Dietler
Larry Holliday
Larry Holliday
Larry and Hootchie Cootchie
Larry Holliday
F100 LZ Charlie Brown
Larry on LZ Liz
Russell and UNK
T-Bones in Chu Lai
LZ Charlie Brown
Cool Picture
Jerry Beschoner ( base defence from other CO or BN )
Larry Holliday
Larry Holliday
Meyering and Owens
Larry Holliday
Robinson, Toler, Farmer, Dietler, and Bott
Air Strike from "Thirsty" Hill
Kiene and Holliday
Lowman and Russell
LZ Charlie Brown
LZ Charlie Brown
LZ Charlie Brown
Orphanage Duc Pho
Navy Depot Island
Marine Dog
Outgoing ( Liz )
81 PLT (CB)
Larry Holliday on Mt. M
Vill by Charlie Brown
Sniper Check
Air Strike from "Thirsty"
Goldman (Shaded Mt. M)"
Orphans (Duc Pho)
Kiene, Roe, Meyering, Dixon
Orphans (Duc Pho)
Outgoing Charlie Brown
Duc Pho
Larry Holliday
Stand Down Casualities (Meyering)
Line Grunts UNK Plt.
Outgoing WP Charlie Brown
Combat Ctr. Chu Lai
Larry Holliday, Dick Kiene
Combat Ctr. Chu Lai
LZ Liz
Combat Ctr. Chu Lai
Larry Holliday
Welcome To LZ Charlie Brown
Chu Lai
Robinson (on Liz)
Montezuma LZ Bronco
LZ Bronco
Duc Pho
Andy, Cipov, Dieler, Bott, Farmer ?
Cipov, Russell
Outgoing Charlie Brown
Toler, UNK
UNK, UNK, Big Sam
Andy, Pineapple, UNK
Kerry Goode (Chicken Hawk)
Sgt. Tien
Larry Holliday
Show Girls (I bet you remember them)
Show Girls
Show Girls
Cipov, Russell
Stand Down in Chu Lai
Larry Holliday, Ben Hoa Jan. 1969
Walt Anderson (another Co), Larry Holliday
Dave Collins (Odessa, TX) Walt Anderson
UNK, UNK, Larry Holliday
Sunset from Montezuma
Larry Shankland (9th Div. Riverine) Merced, Ca
Farmer, Anderson
Leroy Conway (RIP), Bo (Medic)
FNG Oakland
Larry Holliday (Liz)
Bottom of Montezuma Road
Larry "Doc" Holliday & Joe "Jim Bowie" Dietler (Jun 69)
First Sun in Ten Days (Montezuma Dec 69)
Xmas for the REMF's -- Larry and Jerry Beschoner (Ft. Smith, Ark Dec 69)
Dietler, Harris, Toler, Russell, Andy and "Doc Holliday"
Toler, Dietler, Goldman, Holliday
My favorite photo, while I was snapping this outside our F.D.C. hootch on Charlie Brown everyone else was running for cover, F-100 (ARVN) Southbound
Mike Cipov & Russell
Doc Holliday on Charlie Brown
Lt. Steve Meyering & Sgt "Buck" Owens (Charlie Brown)
Dietler, Lowman, Holland, Harris (Stand Down Survivors)
Cpt. David Walsh (RIP), Keine, UNK
Mt. Montezuma
UNK, Holliday
Bo (Medic)
Kerry Goode (Chicken Hawk) & The Weasel
Holliday, Andy, Meyering, Keine
Alpha Company

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