Leo Howe

RTO Howe

Larry Sterns

D.C. Reunion '02 (news paper clipping)

Kiene, Howe, Sgt. Grover Lee. LZ Dragon January 1969

Arlie Huskey

Leo Howe & Mike Cipov, hill 888 home infamous thanksgiving 1968.

Mike Thomas Arty FO Larry Sterns LZ Cork

Howe, Cremeans, Tilden

Mike Thomas, Capt, Adams, unk

Capt, Walsh seeing if Howe and Kiene could hit anything.

Lt. Steve Meyering Mortar Plt.

Mortar platoon Anderson, Hengler, Dietler, unk, and Harris.

Kiene Jungle Warrior

Kiene and Howe with new toy. 3.5 recoilless.

Sgt. Brown hard working mortar man.

Capt. Walsh LZ Charlie Brown.

Chicken squad, unk, Kiene, Polizzi, Howe, Russle,and Cipov.

Sgt Raphael 1st. Platoon.

Alpha Company

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