Captain David Walsh

KIA June 10, 1969 (RIP)

Bonnie and David Walsh
David Walsh
Captain David Walsh
David Walsh

Cpt.Walsh, Dick Keine, UNK

Cpt. Walsh

Cpt. Walsh (center)
Captian Walsh
Taken on LZ Charlie Brown 15 Mar 69
Ken Spencer (RIP), Cpt Walsh
Chu li
Waiting in Chu Lai

Newspaper article

Colton CA Newspaper article

Awards Ceremony Pictures

Distinguished Service Cross Citation

Bonnie Walsh wrote this poem in June 1969 when David was listed as MIA.

...missing in action...

What talisman have I to hold upon this anguished hour?

I give him over to thy scrutiny O God, this son of thine,

whose going out and coming in are scribed within thy law

Thy law, whose talisman is love, whose talisman will bind

Our destines together come what may in this life or the next

Whose talisman is love, whose talisman I hold upon this desperate day.

Below is a letter written 21 May, 1969

21 May 69
Darling Love,

Received three letters from you today including the fizzes and kool-ade.  Thank you dear, especially for your one letter about wanting to help carry my burdens and worries for a little while.  You'll never know how really low I felt before reading the letter and the love that came throughout it.  You see dear, I lost five men early this morning plus two wounded.

The NVA attacked them at a bridge while the Vietnamese troops,25 of them, threw down their weapons and ran.  I wonder if they realize what we are doing for them.  After they ran, it left my seven men alone to fight against 10 to 1 odds.  We were lucky however and were able to get two helicopters to take 12 men in who had to fight to retake the bridge from the NVA.  I'm actually proud of them and all the others that volunteered to go but were unable to do so. 

Come morning, it was a terrible sight.  Out of the seven that defended the bridge initially, there were five killed and two wounded and may have all been killed but for the rescuers (who suffered no casualties).  We killed a number of the NVA.  If the two wounded return to the company I'll see to it that they have jobs in the rear.  One of them, the medic, played dead and suffered through having a couple of toes shot off by an NVA who was testing to see if he was alive and then satisfied,  having him rifle through his pockets and wallets.  The company did themselves proud.

Thank you for your letter for it arrived at the perfect time to bring me out of my depression.

                        Forever loving you,

Alpha Company

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