Denny Hewitt
These pictures are courtesy of the Hewitt Family
Denny was KIA May 13, 1968 (RIP)

Denny Hewitt

Denny Hewitt

Left to Right -- Denny Hewitt, Ken Melesky, Emanuel Walker,
Jack (Mac) McNicholl, Damon Bazzeghin, circa April 68.

Denny Hewitt
On the back of this picture, Denny wrote, "I look like a Pack Mule"

BURL DENTON HEWITT was born on August 14,1946
 and joined the Armed Forces while in NEWPORT, OH.

He served as a 11B10 in the Army.  In 1 year
of service, he attained the rank of CPL/E3. He
began a tour of duty on January 13, 1968.

On May 13, 1968, at the age of 21, BURL
DENTON HEWITT perished in the service of our
country in South Vietnam, Quang Ngai.


Alpha Company

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