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In Loving Memory of our Brother, Donald W. Jones, Army, Vietnam 1965-66, who died June 10, 1999 as a result of his exposure to Agent Orange while in the service to his country in Vietnam.

Delaware Valley Vietnam Veterans.

In Memory of my father, MSGT Kenneth Patrick Meyers (USAF), who passed away on August 20th, 2003, from Multiple Myeloma caused by exposure to Agent Orange during his tour in Vietnam.

I miss you every day
Your proud son,
Kenneth P. Meyers

Virginia Chapter 3

®, INC.

In memory of Larry P. Matheny, 1940, died in May, 2000, as a result of Agent Orange. Sadly missed by his loving wife, Patty Matheny. Served with the Air Force 24 years and received a Bronze Star while in Nam. Contracted throat cancer and hung on for 8 long years before giving up.

Thank you,

His father-in-law,
Mike Dello Russo

Michael F. McCarry

In Memory of my brother Ssgt Edward J. McCarry III, USAF, June 9, 1948 to August 12, 1978. Eddie was the winner of two Silver Stars who died from cancer caused by Agent Orange. Thank you to all responsible for the In Memory Memorial Plaque Project.

SSGT Raymond Emmett Madden
USAF Retired

Loving father and husband who served his country in Korea and Vietnam. Born 12-18-32 in Columbus, OH and died 12-20-75 in Columbus, OH. His death was service connected and he received a full military burial. He is greatly missed.

In memory and honor of John Keath Coder

Mary Lou and Wayne Wolsey

Theresa Paczewski and Family

In memory of a wonderful husband and father

Richard Walter Paczewski

In Memory of Jackie C. (Dunn) Shaw, who lived well, loved, yet died from exposure to Agent Orange.

SFC Jimmy Rogers Cauley
U S Army (Retired)
Born April 10, 1936
Passed Away March 5, 1980

He was a dedicated soldier, husband and father. He died much too young due to Agent Orange. He received many medals for his service to this country and VietNam. He is greatly missed by his wife, Louise, daughter, Cathy and son Tommy. He will live forever in our hearts and memories. We love and miss you more with each passing day.

Msgt Dickey Joe Sickles
June 27, 1942 to August 15, 2002
United States Air Force

We miss you dad!
Jacqueline Sickles-Montowine and Mark Sickles

In memory of our beloved husband and father, Eino Walfred Soyring, who died March 27, 2003 at the age of 53 from exposure to agent orange. Thank you for remembering those who suffered after their return home and thereby being recognized for the heroes they were.

VVA Chapter 756 - Long Beach, CA.

In memory of my beloved father, SGT. Gary Gene Lisk, U.S Air Force, who served in two wars - Vietnam and Korean. A loving father and friend, he taught me to be a man and will always guide me in memories and spiritually in times of hardships and troubles, so that my family can live in peace and prosperity now and forever.
Thank you, Dad!


From his son, Hugh A. Alverson and Family

In honor of Robert (Bob) Olszewski, beloved brother, father, husband and friend. USArmy Americal, near Chu Lai, Feb. '70- Jan. '71.

Died Sept. 21, 1996 from cancer caused by Agent Orange.
We all miss you.

Karen Olszewski, Agent Orange widow of a Vietnam combat vet.

In memory of Allen B. Tookolo, USMC who served two tours in Vietnam and died from Agent Orange Nov 9, 2002 at age 56.

I miss him so much.

Holly Tookolo

In Memory of those who have gone before us.

Hall-Howell Chapter #512
Vietnam Veterans of America
Vancouver, Washington

In Memory and Honor of William F. O'Connell
Major, U.S. Army
Aviator, Vietnam 1965-66, 1969
2003 VVMF In Memory Honoree

Karen M. Bourland,
for the Family of William F. O'Connell,
With Love from his Wife and Children

In Memory of David C. Brumm
                 Born April 1, 1946
                 Died July 23, 1980

Agent Orange-Related Hodgkin's Disease
Missed by Children,
Tony, Mike & Melissa

In memory of my husband, Brian Anthony Russo, Vietnam 1969-70, who died August 30, 2003 of lung cancer, whose name will be read at the In-Memory Ceremony on April 19th, and I'll be there to read it. Even in death, he comes first in my life. I love you always, Lois.

In Memory of Mike Miller.

Dixie Miller and children

In Memory of Sgt. Paul Marsick, US Army, 1st Bn, 12th Cavalry, 1st Air Cavalry Div. Died on October 20, 2003 as a result of his exposure to Agent Orange while in service to his country in Vietnam.

With love, respect and gratitude from his wife and daughters,
Debbie, Lisa and Christy.

Beloved Son, Brother and Uncle
Died January 16, 1991 @ age 44 from exposure to Agent Orange.
Heroic helicopter Crew Chief (Nick name "Rocky") in Vietnam and served his country proudly during the TET Offensive, Vietnam Counter Offensive, Phase II and Vietnam Counter Offensive, Phase III from 1967 to 1968. Awarded many medals including the USM w/3 Bronze SS AMw/V Device (1st OLC) and ARCOM w/V Device.

We miss you and love you eternally.
Cara Berman (Sister)

In memory of Gary D. Berry, who passed away on December 4, 1997 of cancer as a result of exposure to Agent Orange while serving his country in Vietnam.

Sadly missed by family and friends.

In loving memory of Robert A. Douglass, a loving husband, father and father-in-law.  My loving husband of twenty-seven years, Bob, a Vietnam Veteran was diagnosed with non-Hodgkinís lymphoma in 1997, and died on February 19, 1999 at the young age of 49. His cancer was caused by Agent Orange exposure, while serving in the United States Army as a cook in a base near Da Nang, Vietnam during 1969-1970.  He gave the ultimate sacrifice, his life.

Love Always,
Genevieve Douglass, Shawn Douglass, and
Sgt. Daniel and Mrs. Candice Douglass, USMC

AOWAC Donation

Given on behalf of the Agent Orange Widows Awareness Coalition (AOWAC)

Dedicated to the memory of all veterans whose service-related illnesses resulted in premature death.   This memorial plaque will provide the honorable recognition of our loved onesí ultimate sacrifices in service to our country and provide the solace and healing for the grieving families and friends.  We will always remember them.

In honor to the memory of John P. Sherlock, Jr.

He passed away on 25 June 2003 of cancer. He was a veteran of the Vietnam war. John received many decorations including the Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

Family and friends will miss you.

Barbara Uhal, The College of New Jersey, Facilities & Maintenance

In memory of Kathleen Glover Lewis, who died on December 3, 1995 of cancer as a result of her exposure to Agent Orange while in service to her country in Vietnam.

In Memory of my Dad, Master Sergeant Jesse H. Walling, U.S. Army (Retired), who died from cancer on 01 August 1998 as a result of Agent Orange exposure during two tours in Vietnam.

In Memory also of every other Veteran who proudly served this country. You all have my respect and profound gratitude.

Judith L. Walling

John Adrian Lundquist

I will always honor and respect every Vietnam Veteran.

Especially my dad.

In loving memory of my brother, Gregg D. Larson.

Served 4 years in the Marine Corps, one of those years in Vietnam.
Took his life on March 29, 1971.
Gone, but never forgotten.

Nancy Stair

In Memory of my nephew, Gregg D. Larson.

A young life cut short by pain unable to bear.

August 24, 1947 - March 29, 1971

Joyce Weigel

In Loving Memory, Broadus Ayers Crabtree Jr.
Sgt., US Army Airborne, Viet Nam 1969-1970.

He was a friend to many. Three months after his death of a heart attack, the VA approved him for disability due to skin problems caused by his exposure to Agent Orange. A recipient of the Soldier's Medal for Heroism and Bravery, he was my friend, almost blood brother and my hero.

Richard A. Smith

Dolores M. Lepone

In memory of Staff Sgt. John Joseph Lonetti

From his loving Mother, Brother, Sisters and nieces and nephews

In loving memory of my husband and soul mate,
Louis E. Westerburg.

Lou died from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma on 03-11-1992, 45 yrs old, due to his exposure to Agent Orange. He was proud to be a Marine and to serve his country. Lou, you are missed and loved more each day. I miss not having the chance to grow old with you and enjoy our grandchildren together.

You are in my heart always,

Your wife, Nancy Westerburg

In Memory of Michael R. Redding
Served in Vietnam U.S Army in the 176th AHC Died on January 26, 2003 at the age of 53. He was a great man who will be missed Dearly.

Michelle J. Redding (wife)
Cristina, Natalie and Michelle (Daughters)

In Memory of James Eugene Henderson, Chief Master Sergeant, USAF (Retired), who died from cancer as a result of Agent Orange
exposure (Vietnam 1966-1967).

Loving and beloved husband to Shirley;
Dad to Lee Ann, Pam, Carol and Heidi,
and Poppa to Sam and Ben.

In memory of Gregory Charles Cree, loving father and grandfather, who lost his long and painful battle with PTSD illness on August 7, 2000.

Your loving daughter

In memory of Tech. Sgt. Joseph A. Webster (USAF Ret.) Loving Husband, Father, and Brother, who paid the Ultimate Sacrifice for his Country on June 11th, 1994, from Cancer due to exposure to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam.

He left his loving Wife - Mary L. Webster; Daughter - Cindy Oldroyd; Daughter - Joan Blakeslee; Daughter - Joyce Webster; and Brother - Fred G. Webster.

John and Patricia Bruffett,

Good friends and attorney for Jimmy Darryl.

In Memory of Jimmy Darryl Bradley

Tom and Linda Brownfield-Perry

In memory of David G. Moose, a wonderful husband and father who proudly served three tours in Vietnam. We miss him so much.

Teresa and William Moose

In memory of brother, Shaun O'Sullivan, March 7, 1950 - June 20 2002, passed away due to the effects of Agent Orange.

May God bless you for what you are doing.

Nelda Owens

The Aeromedical Evacuation Association

In Memory of Dr. (MAJ) George R. McCahan, Jr. (USA-Ret), Husband, Father, Brother, who died in February 1987 at age 56, from leukemia caused by Agent Orange while serving with 5th Special Forces in Vietnam.

  Wife: Helen B. McCahan

  Daughter: Kim M. Batson

  Daughter: Dale M. Brown

  Son: LTC George R. McCahan III (USAR)

  Brother: COL A. R. McCahan (USA-Ret)

John and Patricia Oidtman

Bud Whyte, a Vietnam Veteran, and Bonnie Whyte,

In Memory of Jimmy Darryl Bradley

Kyo Rak and Ke Sook Lee

Edward and Louise Banister

All the best of luck in completing this project and may God bless you for all your efforts in helping to remember our Vietnam Veterans

The Scanlon Family
Aldan, Pa

Mrs. Carol D. Powers and children,
in memory of husband and father,

Ervin Townsend Powers, Jr., Capt., USNR (Retired)


Swansea American Legion Post 303 - Swansea, MA

 In memory of Joseph Ferencz

   A wonderful husband and father
    You are forever in our hearts
      Sadly missed by your wife and daughter,

                                            Jean and Patricia

 In Honor of my only brother, Jimmie Ray Brown,
 July 27, 1952 - May 3, 2000 ~ Viet Nam 1970

 Jim, I miss you so much,  Joann

 Tommy Gist Memorial Chapter #877
 Vietnam Veterans of America
 Northeast Oklahoma

  Larry and Joan Bullard

  In memory of Jimmy Darryl Bradley

 In loving memory of my father, William E. (Bill) Bowles.

 I miss being able  to talk to you.  Danny

 Joan Bullard and Warren E. Cable

In memory of our loving brother, Austin Leigh Cable of Greensboro, North  Carolina, joined the U.S. Navy in June of 1963, serving in Vietnam 1967-1968, died March 6, 2002 at the age of 57, of a massive heart attack  and PTSD. We will miss him forever.

 Arnold and Billie Blair

In Memory of Austin Leigh Cable, died age 57, March 2002, Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S. Navy.

 Arnold and Billie Blair

 In Memory of David Neil Coil

 Berneta Sherman, a good friend and neighbor.

 In Memory of David Neil Coil, Died March 1997

Lula Mae Coil, a mother who lost her loving son at age 47 due to his illnesses from the Vietnam War.

 In Memory of David Neil Coil, Reeds Spring, Missouri

 Carryl Brown, Karen Cotham, and Billie Blair

 In Memory of James Edwin Hesterlee,
 died May 2002, U.S. Army Age 59, Ava, Missouri.

 Logan and Cineta Brown and daughter Jane,
 family and good friends, in Ava, Missouri

 In Memory of Jimmy Darryl Bradley

 Faunlee Harle, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Vanguard,
 a family friend in  Springfield, Missouri.

 In Memory of Jimmy Darryl Bradley

Jim Bradley, a special 1st cousin, and wife Roxann,
Springfield, Missouri.

In Memory of Jimmy Darryl Bradley,
who died of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Claude Robertson, friend and co-worker in AVA, Mo., U.S. Post Office.

In Memory of Jimmy Darryl Bradley,
 originally from Thornfield, Missouri.

 Vietnam Veterans of Virginia

 Virginia State Council of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.

 The Zumwalt family, in memory of Elmo R. Zumwalt, III

  Janis Wray McCord and Janet Wray Thomason,

  In Memory of our brother, Orville Wesley Wray

 David, Janet, and Devan Walsh

 In memory of William "Bill" Baker

 In memory of my brother-in-law William (Bill) Bowles

 Gone but never forgotten. Bernice (Bunny) McCuan

Twin sister, Julia Carryl Brown

and sisters Karen Cotham and Billie Jean Blair

In memory of Jimmy Darryl Bradley

Jamie Lynn Bradley and William Lance Bradley

In Memory of our father, Jimmy Darryl Bradley

Vietnam - 1967-68, died age 50, October 13, 1997.

Donation by Juliana Auel in memory of my wonderful father,

Chaplain Carl A. Auel, CAPT, USN (Ret.)

who served in Vietnam from 1967-1968.

He lost his long, painful battle with PTSD on August 15, 1997

In memory of the bravest man I've ever known,
my husband, William (Bill) E. Bowles, Jr.

Diane Bowles
Agent Orange Widows Awareness

Nancy and Kevin Clarke,

In memory of Boyd Michael Smith, June 1948 - March 2001

Mike served with the U.S. Army in Vietnam,
and ultimately lost his life to  PTSD.

Judith and Padraic Toole, in honor of John Francis Toole,
husband and father, lost his life to PTSD, May 25, 1980.

 Nicolina Corey and Family,

 In memory of beloved husband and father, Harvey Corey, USMC

  Jennie R. Le Fevre, in honor of her husband,

  Master Sergeant Gerald H. Le Fevre USAF, Retired.

  Lost his life to Agent Orange.

 Betty Ramsey,

 In honor of her beloved brother, James R."Pappy" Miller, Sr.

Barbara J. Klaes,

In memory of Albert Walter Klaes

Judith Anderson,

In memory of Paul Scott Heinske

VVA Chapter #757, Brookings, Oregon

Eddie Reyes

Louisiana Chapter 1


Elizabeth and Paul Daum

For all those veterans who are now deceased due to their service in and around Vietnam and their names will not be put on the "Wall" in Washington, D.C. Also, for my fellow Vietnam Veteran, and friend, "IN MEMORY" Jay Younkin, Captain, USMC, who died in 1994 from cancer caused by Agent Orange. - Craig H. Close, RI Veterans Agent Orange Commission & Secretary to the Board of Directors, Vietnam Era Veterans Association/ RI Veterans Action Center.

"I do hope that the Memorial Plaque will be very successful.
It will serve as a reminder of those men and women who survived the war, but came home suffering from agent orange cancers and other conditions. They, too, deserve recognition." - Maureen P. Hogan-Opatik

Mrs. Jessie Rencehausen,

In memory of CW3 Jessie E. Rencehausen.

In memory of Richard Neil Kanea, US Navy, who served two tours of duty  in Vietnam and was 100% disabled from PTSD. Those of us who took time  to explore his heart are richer for the journey. With love and respect from  his sister, Alyce Kirk.

In memory of my Brother, TSgt Ronald K. Sholes, Air Force Pararescue in  Vietnam, 1967. Born November 22, 1946, Died August 7, 1998 of cancer as a  result of his exposure to Agent Orange while in service to his country.  Melony Sholes Smith

 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lutz,

 In memory of Michael Carolan.

Given on behalf of Harley-Davidson Motor Company

and our many employees, dealers and customers.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary Post 350, Takoma Park, MD, for the advancement of the In Memory Plaque.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 350, Takoma Park, MD, for the advancement of the In Memory Plaque.

Given in memory of Michael James Eidahl, loving son of Marie Eilers  Coleman; cousin, nephew and grandson, who was born and grew up in Waterloo, Iowa, and died of leukemia in the Veteran's Hospital in Long  Beach, California, in June of 1984 after extensive exposure to agent orange during service to the United States of America during the Vietnam War.

Marguerite Wakefield, for the Vietnam War In Memory Memorial Plaque Project, a very special tribute.

Dawn Lee Wakefield, for the Vietnam War In Memory Memorial Plaque Project, a very special tribute.

 Northwestern Vietnam Veterans of America,

 VVA Chapter 753, St. Albans, VT

Doris Evans,

In memory of my husband, CQM Carl T. Evans USN (Ret.).
He passed  away on July 7, 2000 from cancer caused by agent orange.
I miss him more  every day.

 Penni Miner,

 In memory of Robert G. Miner

 John and Barbara Greenwood,

 In memory of Charles E. Greenwood

Vicki Nicely and Robert Brejla,

In memory of our son, John Brejla, who passed away from the effects of  Agent Orange.

The Plaque is a great symbol of dedication to the vets who passed from the effects of that war.

Elwood A.D. "Woody" Lechausse,

In memory of Edward L. Ott III of Rockville, CT,

Missing since 1967.

Carla Carolan,

In memory of Michael Carolan

Harold and Sylvia Polakov, Buffalo, New York

Pat Christiansen,

In memory of John Keath Coder

For Steve Horowitz - We miss you every day.

Peter and Kate Morosoff,

In memory of Lewis B. Puller, Jr.

Kim Anderson,

In memory of her husband, Stephen Anderson

Joette Westerburg,

In memory of her father, Louis Edwin Westerburg

Superior Equipment Sales

Senator Toddy Puller,

In memory of Lewis B. Puller, Jr.

American Heritage Homes, Inc.

Roger K. Pitman, M.D.

Bob and Mary Lou Gramann

 Karen Kaufman and Michele Lee,

 In memory of Col. Martin "Quietly" Kaufman, USAF (Ret.)

Judith Anderson,

In memory of Mark Cook

Jimi McElroy and family,

In memory of Franklin Delanor Hill

Gay Hasselbacher,

In memory of John Keath Coder

Michael Fluck,

In memory of James C. Fluck, Co.C, 2nd Bn, 173rd ABN

Cynthia and Lexy Baker,

In memory of William "Bill" Baker

Barry and Ruth Coder Fitzgerald

In memory of John Keath Coder

Bert, Rebecca and Alex Lipscomb,

In memory of John Keath Coder

Thomas J. Marlow,

In memory of Robert L. Marlow

Richard V. Butchka,

In memory of Capt. Lance Eagan, USCG (Ret.)

John R. and Barbara Craig,

In memory of John Keath Coder

Rev. Lawrence Davies,

In memory of all veterans whose service-related illnesses resulted in premature death.

Janice P. Davies,

In memory of John Keath Coder and Lovell Brandon

Patricia Gleason and family

In memory of Gale Irwin Gleason

Mike and Pat Stevens

In memory of those men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice post-war.

"We cannot honor them enough, but we can honor them more."

Dolores "Dee" Merritt

In memory of John Keath Coder

Maurice and Patricia Morgan,

In memory of John Keath Coder

Bill and Susan Beck

Paula S. Felder

Ira Hamburg

Joan Kapczynski,

In memory of Robert Patrick Kapczynski

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