DASPO Combat Photographers Association

This organization is founded to promote the historical, photographic and
sound images captured by its members. Our charter will cover one era,
the Vietnam War. The Department of the Army Special Photographic
Office (DASPO) was established to provide non-biased information to the Department of the Army and the United States Congress.

The The Vietnam War and its surroundings made it the most
documented war in our country’s history. DASPO’s creative teams were a
part of this and wish to share its experiences with today’s groups of
military newsgathering organizations. DASPO members who served
during these years share their knowledge with each other and other
interested parties. We continue to promote and teach the documentary
style that we established. The continued DASPO meetings are intended
to promote this documentary past, which its members recorded.

This organization has established the DASPO Archive at Texas Tech
University, Lubbock, Texas. We have established a scholarship fund at
Texas Tech University, funding preservation of images and sound
recordings in the name of Kermit H. Yoho and Charles F. (Rick) Rein,
who were killed in action in Vietnam.