The Korean War Veterans Association, Inc.
Endorsed the In Memory plaque project through
Rep. Gallegly's office.

The Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. is a nationwide
organization of veterans and associates founded in 1985 and
incorporated in the State of New York.  Our headquarters are
in Arlington, Virginia and our mailing address is P.O. Box
10806, Arlington VA 22210.

The object of the KWVA is to promote and maintain for
benevolent and charitable purposes an association of persons
who have seen honorable service anywhere in the world during
the Korean War at any time between 25 June 1950 and 31
January 1955, both dates inclusive.  Certain other persons,
who meet the criteria set forth in the national by-laws are
also eligible (such as spouses, parents, children) as well
as anyone who served on the Korean peninsula as a member of
the armed forces at any time.  The KWVA honors the laws
against discrimination of any kind.

Members of the armed forces of the Republic of Korea and any
of the United Nations who participated during the above
inclusive dates are also eligible and encouraged to join.

                THE GRAYBEARDS

One of the benefits of membership is our national magazine
"THE GRAYBEARDS." (The name refers to the beards of frost
we all wore in the sub-zero weather in Korea...not our
current beard colors!)  This informative and interesting
magazine carries news of the national organization, local
chapters and articles of interest to any veteran who served
during this time.  Departments devoted to reunions, "Looking
For," etc., as well as the reminiscences of people who were
there, stir up memories of the good times as well as the
bad.  The magazine is included in your annual national dues
of only $20.  Local Chapters usually add their own modest

                JOIN UP TODAY!!!

CALL     1-888-532-3891 (Toll free) for an application to join!


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