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Agent Orange Quilt of Tears

Jennie R. Le Fevre, President
6400 W. Shady Side Rd
Shady Side, Md. 20764


        The Agent Orange Victims and Widows Support Network and the Quilts of Tears Project acknowledge and endorse the "In Memory Plaque Project". It is a very fine tribute in honor of those who lost their lives after their return home, as a result of their tour of duty in Vietnam. I salute Ruth Coder Fitzgerald for pursuing this project to honor her brother and those like him who have lost their lives to Agent Orange. I am very pleased to see that her dream/desire will at last be realized.

Sincerely, Jennie Le Fevre

Agent Orange Widow

About the Agent Orange Quilts of Tears:

The Vietnam Veteran Agent Orange Quilts of Tears are a memorial, tribute and honor to our Agent Orange Victims, living and dead. who have suffered the after effects of the herbicides used in Vietnam. Herbicides were sprayed by aircraft to destroy foliage, thus denying the enemy ground cover and their food supply

        Twenty million gallons of herbicides were used in Vietnam of which 12 million gallons was Agent Orange. Our service men were told it was harmless. We have found out since that the herbicides, including Agent Orange, causes may severe health problems and cancers. Agent Orange contained dioxin, the most toxic chemical developed by man.

        The quilt project was founded by Jennie Le Fevre, an Agent Orange widow, also President of the Agent Orange Victims and Widows Support Network. The project was founded and established by Ms. Le Fevre, to honor and recoginize the plight of the Agent Orange Victims and their families. Agent Orange has been interwoven into fabric of lives of the victims and their families, the Quilts of Tears is their story, told eloquently by their own families in each block. The blocks are adorned with the victim's picture, their Vietnam service information, their health status as related to Agent Orange, etc, etc. Love, pain, and sorrow can be seen in each block. The blocks are then sewn into quilts that are displayed nationwide at Vietnam Veterans' reunions and functions.

        Many health problems and cancers we believe to be a result of exposure to Agent Orange are not acknowledged by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Possibly 250,00 deaths had resulted from Agent and many families and widows have not been compensated for the loss of their loved ones. The veterans who are still living appreciate the honor and respect the Quilts of Tears give them. For the families who have lost someone to this great tragedy, the Quilts facilitate a healing process. It is said there is no room on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall for these victims, but in our minds there is Room in our hearts and on these Quilts. The Quilts of Tears are to draw a national attention of the Vietnam Veteran effected by the Agent Orange sprayed on them in Vietnam

        The quilts are called the "Quilts of Tears" for many tears have been shed for these victims. One veteran stated that the "Quilts of Tears" was the most moving piece of art he had seen since the Wall in Washington, D.C. At present there are 12 Quilts, each measing 80 x 100 inches and containing 20 blocks.

        Our hope is that these men and women will never be forgotten. These victims gave up two lives, the one they were living and the one they would have lived. Their recognition must come from their families and the American people. Our Quilts of Tears pay tribute to their suffering and sacrifices. Family members, friends and others interested are encouraged to submit blocks in honor or memory of their loved ones affected by Agent Orange.

        We need 20 x 20- inch quilt block with orange backgrounds. The blocks may contain embroidery, cross-stitch, patchwork, applique, lettering or wording done in fabric pen or paint of color desired. Information on the block should include the veteran's name, rank, if desired, branch of service, date of year or years served in Vietnam, unit in Vietnam, and where the veteran was stationed. You may include the veteran's picture, unit, insignia, medal presentations, birth date, age at death and cause of death. If veteran is still alive, state health problems. Please include one block 20 x 20- inch to be used for the backing. All quilters are encouraged to participate.

        The Quilts will be displayed on the banks of the Reflecting Pool in Washington D.C. every Memorial Day weekend. The Quilts of Tears have been displayed from Salt Lake City, Utah to the Catskills of N.Y. The Quilts are available for display in your area but transportation and lodging must be provided for the person accompanying the Quilts, they are never loaned out by themselves. They have been displayed at many Vietnam Veterans reunions, functions and gatherings, sometimes in conjunction with the Moving Wall.

        The Quilts of Tears have letters of acknowledgement and endorsement from Vietnam Veterans of America Inc. in Washington D.C., also from the late Admiral Zumwalt, former Commander of Naval Forces in Vietnam. They have also been mentioned on the Congressional Record. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all who take part in this effort. We are deeply moved by your willingness to share your creativity in this endeavor.

        Send your completed quilt block to Agent Orange Victims and Widows Support Network, Jennie R. Le Fevre, 6400 W. Shady Side Rd, Shady Side, Md. 20764.

You can write to Jennie at the address above, or contact her by telephone or e-mail:

410-867-0584 ~~~~ jlefe336558 

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