NOTE: This article is a condensed version of several sources and viewpoints that may conflict with other sources. For a complete factual account of operation "Lamar Plain", please refer to "After Action Report on Operation Lamar Plain" filed 15 Sept 1969, by Col. Frank L. Deitrich, the commanding officer of the 1st Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division (AMBL)

The Brigade After Action Report for Lamar Plain will soon be available on this site. It is an old document that has to be scanned, OCR (optical character recognition), and edited.
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In the meantime, read the report entries for 2 and 3 June 1969.

Fernando "Sugg" De Pierris, Banshee 46

First Brigade 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)
Subject: Combat Operations After Action Report, OPERATION LAMAR PLAIN (U)

date: 15 September 1969


Activity increased in the A/O as the units reported scattered enemy contact with the Aero-Rifle Platoon of B/2-17 Cav becoming decisively engaged by a numerically superior enemy force and being reinforced later in the day by B/1-501. At 0740H, B/1-502, vic BT182996, captured one NVA with an AK47 during the conduct of an area sweep. At 0855H, B/2-17 Cav, vic BT214123, received ground fire from an enemy soldier; the element returned fire recording 1 VC KIA. At 0915H, A/1-502, vic BT180009, engaged 5 VC with small arms, the enemy broke contact and fled leaving behind 1 VC KIA. At 1000H, D/1-502, vic BT180002, found a grave containing 1 VC KIA, and at 1015H, C/1-502, vic BT BT180001, found one grave with 1 NVA KIA.

At 1230H, the Aero-Rifle platoon B/2-17 Cav, was inseretd into an LZ, vic BT210128 to conduct ground reconnaissance in the area. The area had been a source of ground fire throughout the day with numerous reported incidents. Immediately after moving from the LZ, the platoon came under heavy fire from a well-concealed enemy force. Gunships, ARA and tube artillery were all employed in support. The supporting fires were lifted and the platoon moved forward in the assault. The platoon was met with withering fire that inflicted moderate casualties and pinned down the element. Air and artillery were employed at close range and the decision was made to insert a reaction force to extricate the trapped platoon. At 1440H, a platoon from B/1-501 was inserted into the LZ to link-up and relieve the pressure on the Aero-rifle Platoon. At 1550H, the C&C, B/2-17 Cav, vic BT202129, was hit by a 12.7mm AA fire and forced down, seriously wounding the Artilery FO aboard. The crew and aircraft were recovered without further incident. At 1700H B/1-5-1 enroute to the relief of the Aero-rifle Platoon, vic BT200127, engaged an enemy force firing from bunkers. The company quickly returned fire and reduced the enemy bunker accounting for 2 NVA KIA and 3 WIA; the unit suffering 1 US WIA. At 1745H, B/1-501 closed into the LZ thus completing the relief and reinforcement. The situation was stabilized and the Aero-Rifle Platoon became OPCON to B/1--501 for the night. The fighting had been extremely bitter throughout the afternoon and the outnumbered platoon had been pinned down a majority of the time from the well concealed and bunkered enemy. The unit had accounted for 6 NVA KIA and 1 WIA and had suffered 5 US KIA and 4 US WIA. Elsewhere in the AO, at 1400H, B/1-46, vic BT205070, engaged an unknown size enemy force with artillery, accounting for 3 NVA KIA.

3 June 1969

The 1st Brigade continued to develop the situation in the area in which the B/2-17 Cav Aero-Rifle Platoon had been in heavy contact the day prior. The 1-501 combat assaulted two more companies into the area encountering light enemy resistance. At 0900H, D/1-5-1 conducted a CA into an LZ vic BT203126 and initiated RIF operations to the southeast. The Aero-Rifle Platoon was extracted at the conclusion of the CA. At 0915H, A/1-501 conducted a CA into the smae LZ and closed the entire unit at 0931H; the unit then conducted RIF operations to the northeast. At 1240H, B/1-5-1, vic BT200128, received small arms fire from two enemy soldiers who inmediatly fled; the element returned fire with negative enemy assessment and suffered 1 US WIA.